#seventeensuns Nº 35
#seventeensuns Nº 35

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oil on calico laid on board  6.5ins x 6.5ins #seventeensuns N°35, 05:36 sunrise Godrevy. Amoxicillin Blues, down in m’ shoes. Wonderful dentist left prescription for deep gum pocket wisdom tooth flare up yesterday under surgery door, grateful but the antibiotic low/self doubt mood has kicked in this morning. Arrive in studio and one of the marouflaged linen boards has cockled putting me a session back. Sniff. Snap out of it and examine the dawn, which is very like the last two days, except with a couple of thick dark clouds mid sky. Of the two views, I really would prefer the less tangy one further south for its subtlety, but compliantly set about mixing knocked back warm colours for lower passages more east, where Sun will rise gold with a coral tinge left and north of Godrevy. A fortunate cadmium yellow mark lower right makes it sing and I gratefully don’t mess with it. The upper cloud becomes more conventionally beautiful and then stunning with under-lines highlit by bright golden salmon. I struggle to do this justice without being overcome and lost, rely on graphic sense and some passionate destructive-of-complacency large brush gestures to cut through, allowing a wet run at one point, and eventually reach a solid small crop, although there are fascinating moves on the whole board that may lead to more of the marks being included later... peace out
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