Oils & Watercolours
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Roger Bezombes (French 1913-1994)
Still Life of Two Vases of Flowers

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Sir William Nicholson RP (1872-1949)
Evening ,May , 1914

Price: £8,000
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Thomas Churchyard (1798-1865)
Harvesting Scene with manor House in the Distance

Price: £1,800
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Herbert Royle (FL.1893-1954)
Harvest Time , Yorkshire

Price: £6,200
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Joseph Murray Ince (1806-1859)
View of a Welsh Riverside Town

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Robert L. Howey b. 1900
Moonlight View in the Lake District
for sale
Price: £1,400
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Hugh Douglas Hamilton (c1736-1808)
Portrait of a Gentleman with Blue eyes

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Nestor Martin Fernandez de la Torre (1887-1938)
Spanish Lady on a Balcony in Moonlight

Price: £42,000
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Sidney Richard Percy (1821-1886)
View in the Hills , Near Arran
For Sale

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