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Watercolour, signed ,15ins x 17 1/2 ins. One of Knights preparatory sketches for her oil of the same subject. Laura Knight and her husband moved to Newlyn, Cornwall in 1907 where they stayed until 1919, while in Cornwall her works changed in tone and colour from subdued to bright. Capturing the light and colours of the sea , it's coast  and people. Her sitters were her friends and other artists. She worked in oils and watercolours and her talent was becoming recognised and was elected to the RWS in 1909. While in Newlyn she worked alongside members of the Newlyn School including Stanhope and Elizabeth Forbes, A J Munnings, the Proctors and Augustus John. This vibrant watercolour show all of Knight's skill with the brush , capturing the colour and reflections of the water. The sea is the focal point of the painting with the figures playing purely an observational role in the painting, looking at the scene as the artist. Knight exhibited several paintings of the subject from different viewpoints, with figures ,all works reflect a relaxed holiday atmosphere, with the sitters enjoying the sea and location. Knight had moved on from painting the local fisherfolk at work to a happier subject rather than a scene of toil.

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