View beside a Lake with mountains
View beside a Lake with mountains

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View beside a Lake with mountains

Price: £1200

View beside a Lake with mountains,  in the distance, Canada. 32 cm x 48 cm (12 1/2 ins x 18 1/2in ) watercolour, inscribed on reverse. Born in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire into a distinguished family, he is one of nine sons  His eldest borther John was a well-known patron of artists and George became acquainted with Constable. A pupil of Paul Sandby , who taught him at Woolwich, where Fisher was serving from the age of 16. He joined the  Artillery corp and served in the Peninsula war and then in Canada. He was an active artist during this time in the army and in later life. While in Canada, he collaborated with John William Edy, the engraver, to create Six Views of North America which are highly collected today. Towards the end of his life he was the commandant at Woolwich . Fisher exhibited at the RA between 1780 and 1808. His works were admired in his time, in particular by John Constable who was a friend of the family, he was also friends with Farington, John Dowman and Francis Towne. Fisher is most admired in Canada, who almost consider him Canadian, following his time there in the army. Fisher spent time  well in  Portugal, the West Indies, England or even Spain. This view  could be in any of those countries.  
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