View near Palermo Sicily
View near Palermo Sicily

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View near Palermo Sicily

Price: £800

View near Palermo, Sicily. Watercolour and ink, 7ins x 10ins

Johan Jakob Wolfensberger was born near Zurich and studied there from 1814-1817.  He travelled to Italy and lived for a while in Naples and spent time travelling in Sicily. While  in Rome Wolfensberger found employment as a a drawing teacher for the Marquess of Northampton.  In 1829 he returned to Zurich before once again travelling back to Rome in 1830.

Wolfensberger spent time in Athens, and also visited Asia Minor, Smyrna and Constantinople. 

During 1838 an  exhibition of his work featuring views of Italy and Greece was held in Zurich. The exhibition was made possible by the financial support from the collector Martin Bodmer.  After this, Wolfensberger held further exhibitions taking place in Vienna, Paris and London.

While in London during 1840 he was commissioned by publisher Henry Fisher to produce a series of prints of Italian and Greek views.

He continued to travel in Europe on various sketching trips until his death 1850.

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